Visitors Policy

Visitors policy

The entry to the resort shall be permitted through turnstiles by means of a valid ticket, a season ticket or an accommodation card. The ticket bearing a bar or QR code or a card must be placed to the turnstile reader.

One-day ticket (a season ticket as well) authorizes visitors to enter the resort on a single occasion. If visitors wish to leave the resort during the day and return back, they must buy a return card in the rental office.

The entry to the resort may be refused to the persons whose visit could disturb the order, safety and cleanness of the premises and whose behaviour contradicts accepted principles of morality.

Visitors must comply with general hygienic rules and conduct themselves in a way that does not disturb other visitors.

Visitors are obliged to follow instructions of resort’s lifeguards and appointed staff. Visitors who breach the rules for visitors or fail to follow the staff’s instructions despite being warned not to do so, may be expelled from the resort, without the resort´s obligation to return the admission fee.

In case of bad weather (storm, hail, strong wind), visitors are obliged to leave pools and the area around the pools for safety reasons.

Visitors are obliged to leave pools no less than 15 minutes prior to the end of opening hours.

Animals are banned to enter the resort.

VADAŠ Thermal Resort shall be held liable only for the things kept in safe deposits in the rental office.

All visitors use pools and other attractions on their sole responsibility.

There are wet and slippery surfaces on the pool premises, for this reason, move on them with enhanced caution. VADAŠ Thermal Resort shall not be held liable for potential injuries.

We would like to inform you that some (marked) sun beds on the pool area are reserved for accommodated guests. We would like to ask you not to occupy them.

Eating and drinking in pools is forbidden!

The entry to the pools and use of water slides under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs are strictly forbidden!

Sunbathing without swimsuits is permitted only on the nudist beach.

We would like to inform You that third parties offer their services on the lido´s premises too. VADAŠ Thermal Resort shall not be held responsible for the quality of their services.

VADAŠ Thermal Resort may produce pictures or audiovisual records on the premises for marketing purposes. When producing such record, legitimate interests of concerned individuals are taken into account and the resort takes heed to interfere with their privacy as little as possible.

Parts of the resort (any of the pools, the sporting ground or other infrastructure) may be reserved for a certain group of users (schools, sports organizations or other) in certain hours or on certain days.