General conditions of reservation in apartments, studios, chalets, hostels, camping

1) The apartments may be occupied on the day of arrival after 2 pm. It is necessary to check in for the stay at the reception desk by no later than 6 pm. In the case the guest fails to provide information about his/her late arrival /arrival after 6 pm, VADAŠ s.r.o /hereinafter referred to only as the “Accommodation Provider”/ reserves the right to sell the room on the grounds of not commencing the stay.

2) The room must be vacated on the day of departure by 9 am. In the event of the guest´s late vacating of the room /after 9 am/, the hotel may charge the fee up to 100% of the accommodation price per person/night. Having paid the fee/fine, the guest is not entitled to any accommodation for the following night.

3) The entry to the thermal resort /according to the current opening hours/ on the day of departure is possible after checking out at the reception desk and settling any potential arrears/bills with respect to the concerned room. Subsequently, the receptionist will re-activate the guest´s chip/entry card.

4) The price of accommodation includes also the accommodation tax in the town Štúrovo /recreational charge/, VAT.

5) Guests are entitled to following free services: entry to the open-air premises of the thermal resort***) or according to opening times of the resort stated on the website:, parking on an unguarded parking lot***) , WIFI.

6) The advance for chip cards in the amount of EUR 2/pcs. during the summer season is charged /on an invoice in advance or upon arrival/ for every activated chip card. The chip entry card is activated for every person older than 3 years. At the end of the stay, after returning chip cards to the automated machine designated for returning accommodation cards /on the back wall of the main reception desk/,  the advance shall be refunded in cash. Chip cards must be returned within no later than 3 days from the end of the stay. Otherwise, the entitlement to the advance refunding expires.

7) If interested in accommodation without claiming a bed for a person that has reached the age of 6 beyond the capacity of the room, the guest shall pay EUR 8.50/person/night.

8) IT IS FORBIDDEN to bring to VADAŠ s.r.o. accommodation facilities any pets (dogs, cats, etc.). Should the guest breach this ban, the Accommodation Provider reserves the right to terminate the guest´s stay immediately, without the guest´s entitlement to compensation / without the guest´s entitlement to refunding the remaining booking value/.

9) The guest shall be obliged to pay the advance in the invoiced amount in advance, i.e. within no later than the maturity date as stated on the invoice issued by the Accommodation Provider. If the guest fails to discharge such obligation, the Accommodation Provider shall consider it a lack of interest in the agreed accommodation, i.e. the Accommodation Provider shall cancel the booking. When effecting payments by a bank transfer, all bank charges are settled by the guest. Potential differences resulting from exchange rate conversion shall be settled upon arrival.

10) Cancellation of an order after paying the first advance shall be subject to the cancellation fee:

– when cancelling an order within 60 days and more before the date of arrival: 10% of the accommodation value

– when cancelling an order within 15-59 days before the date of arrival: 30% of the accommodation value

– when cancelling an order within 3-14 days before the date of arrival: 50% of the accommodation value

– when cancelling an order within 3 days before the date of arrival: 100% of the accommodation value

– when cancelling an order on the grounds of: an illness, death in the family, hospitalization

etc. after presenting a medical certificate: 10% of the accommodation value

VADAŠ s.r.o shall refund the credit-note sum to the guest by a transfer to the bank account or by a postal money order, not in cash.

11) When making a booking, the guest shall receive a “booking confirmation”, specifying the required details and ordered services /the guest presents this booking confirmation when checking in/. The guest shall also receive an “application form for stay“ that we kindly ask to send to the reception desk prior to the commencement of the stay together with details. If the guest was issued an invoice to settle an advance, he/she shall also send to the concerned reception desk an advice of paying the required value. Any ambiguities/discrepancies in the book confirmation shall be discussed by the guest /in writing/ sufficiently in advance before the date of arrival with the hotel reception desk that will send him/her a corrected booking confirmation.

12) The guest shall be held responsible for the damage inflicted upon the Accommodation Provider during his/her stay. The guest shall compensate the Accommodation Provider for the incurred damage in full when checking out.

13) Found things are sent to the guest by post upon his/her written request, while the guest shall settle all relating costs. Found things are stored at the hotel for the period of 1 month.

14) Guests´ stay at the apartments and on the Accommodation Provider´s premises are further regulated by the Accommodation Rules and the Rules for Visitors that are binding upon hotel guests without any exception.

15) Should individual provisions of these General Accommodation Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective or invalid, that shall not affect the effect or force of the remaining provisions.

16) The Accommodation Provider shall not be held liable for any potential injuries during one´s stay, only in the cases when the Accommodation Provider acts with gross negligence or deliberately.

17) The provider may accommodate only the guest who is duly registered and whose details are recorded in the accommodation system. To register, the guest is obliged to present to the receptionist a valid document / identity card, password or driving licence/ within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act as amended. By providing personal data, the guest gives his/her consent to their processing in the company´s database and information system. To protect personal data of accommodated clients, Vadaš s.r.o. Štúrovo has elaborated security documentation; persons instructed within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act work with personal data.

18) Every accommodated person who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic shall be obliged to provide, within the meaning of the Act on Residence of Aliens as amended, required details for completing the form “Residence Reporting” for the Aliens Police. The guest shall be obliged to provide details fully and truthfully.

19) The provider is authorized to request from the guest to pay for the stay ad-hoc when checking in. It is authorized to request an advance up to 100% of the booking value when booking in advance.

20) From 10 pm to 7 am the guest must maintain night silence.

21) The provider shall be responsible for cash and valuable articles only in the case they are deposited in the safe-deposit box.

22) The ordering party confirms by delivering the booking to the reception desk, paying an advance for the stay or accommodating in the hotel that he/she is aware of these conditions and agrees with the content of the same.

***) required valid accommodation card/chip card